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-Hands Free Passive Income


-18 Month Money Back Guarantee


-Pandemic Proof Income


-Own An Appreciating Asset


– You Have 100% Equity


– 10%-15% Average Net Profit Monthly

What Is This Really About?

We understand it takes a lot of time and energy to learn a new skill, yet alone be profitable. So take the guesswork out, and let professionals who have over 20 years in combined experience grow your online business completely hands-free and enjoy the passive income. Cash flow stress-free with our 18 month moneyback guarantee.

Amazon Passive Income Results

You have 100% equity and access

We build and manage your Amazon store for you. You retain 100% equity, access and control.

We do it all A-Z​

Whether you’re on vacation or focusing full-time on other endeavors, you can count on your Amazon store to be performing for you. Our team handles everything A-Z including monthly profit sheets, product selection and shipping, and complete management for your store. Our focus here is to scale your Amazon store to produce higher active passive income returns monthly the right way!

Pandemic proof

During the historical lockdown caused by the Covid 19 pandemic, Amazon actually expanded its employee count by 1 million! This is because Amazon stores were thriving during that turbulent economic time. Wouldn’t you feel safer having a recession proof asset to support you during turbulent economic times? You deserve it.

No Marketing Cost​

7/10 Americans have an Amazon Prime membership! With our hyper targeted product selection, we are able to drive organic traffic and sales to your store! Our team has a combined 20 years of experience.

Automatic Sales​

And our team has a series of tests that allows to pick winning products consistently. We then acquire these products at wholesale prices in order to increase your profit margin for your items. The products that we choose qualify for high search volumes and satisfactory customer ratings. And since our stores have great shipping speeds and reviews, your products will show up higher in the search results, resulting in automatic sales and your goal for Amazon Passive Income will be achieved.

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